Friday, November 7, 2008

Consolidated "Support Your Local Skate shop" Tour

...From the mind of Kyle Berard.
(photos by Ken Nagahara)
Support Your Local Skate shop (video trailer)

Not too long ago, Consolidated had pretty much the whole team together in Santa Cruz, so we decided, “Why not take a little trip together?!

Tanner’s family has this beautiful (but haunted) resort in Sonora where you can swim, enjoy the scenery, and relax, so it seemed like a pretty good first stop. We hit up a couple of skateparks, pools, and street spots, but the bulk of this trip pretty much consisted of drinking a bunch of beer and shooting Birdo’s guns. When we went to shoot guns, it seemed like we had been driving for hours on dusty, bumpy, logging roads, but we finally made it to the middle of nowhere.

Leticia shot the shotgun loaded with buckshot and almost fell over every time. At one point, she turned the gun on the Consolidated team…that just happened to be aimed directly at Mike [Peterson] and me. I was having a great time up until that point and then it hit me: “We have been driven up to a very remote location out of earshot for miles by the Don’t Do It Army. Had I been that naive up until this moment? Then I questioned how good everything had been since I have been on the team. They had been wining and dining me all the way up to this point. And now I am staring down the barrel of a shotgun held by crazy ass Leticia. Did they just bring us here to kill off two of the newest team guys on Consolidated?!” Luckily, it ended up being a rookie mistake on Leticia’s part and she immediately apologized while hysterically laughing. Sean [Gutierrez], on the other hand, looked way too comfortable with a gun in his hand…I still think he brought his own. Karma’s hat looked just as dangerous as the guns he was holding. It was a good time...

Another highlight of this part of the trip was meeting Alan Petersen. When Alan showed up, it was awesome. I had met him before, but never really had a conversation with him until this day. And let me tell you, I was impressed. I was so hungover and trying to dry out for a few days and the first thing he started talking about was that he had lost feeling in a certain spot in his forehead because he had drank too much whiskey the night before. It made me so happy. I realized that even though I knew I was crazy, so was everybody else on Consolidated. I think I cracked a beer. All of the sudden, I felt like I was on the right track to being on Consolidated forever.

Next stop was Zarosh’s. At this point, I had fallen off the wagon and Mike and I threw up all the way there. Mike pulled it together and skated Zarosh’s concrete bowl type thing. I took a few runs in it, threw up, and fell asleep on his couch.

From there, we decided to venture south and go camping for a couple of days. The first night, I guess Mike made the fire too big and what appeared to be a fat redneck, started yelling at him for it. I didn’t really know they had rednecks in California, but they obviously do. I think he called him a dickhead or something funny as shit. It is always so much funnier hearing a stranger call your friend a dickhead instead of telling him yourself.

The next day, we had a demo at a park on the beach in Santa Barbara hosted by Santa Barbara Skateshop. Everybody was ripping and hanging out. It was more of a good session with the locals instead of a demo. After the demo, I talked Bailey into renting a tandem bike and drinking beer with me. We were cruising around downtown Santa Barbara in it, and showed up at this spot in it, and watched Mike and Sean rip this brick quaterpipe. Afterwards, we took it over into the skate park and made it over the pyramid, getting kinda crazy in it. After a couple hours of entertainment, we dropped it back off and had to pay even though I could have sworn the bike guy said I could have it free of charge for the day. Funny how if you set your mind to it, you only hear what you wanna hear.

The next night at the campsite, we got really blazed, and everybody decided to go down to the beach and check out the full moon, and somehow, we got split up along the way. Leticia ended up being the tour guide of our crew, and we ended up getting...lost. We ran into this big rock wall and instead of Leti helping us out and telling us how we should get around it, she started hysterically laughing again, and when she was done, we just made our way back to the site and waited for the other half of our crew to show back up. We cooked so much food. And it was gourmet style too...none of this canned bean shit you normally get when you go camping. All the boys were full that night. And I have to say, Ken [Nagahara] has got to be the nicest person I have ever met. So happy and appreciative of everything under the sun. It was sick.

Camping out was short but sweet, but we soon realized we had to start making our way back up North for a demo at The Station in Fremont. Showing up at any demo in a parking lot can be intimidating, the ramps are never the most elaborate constructions in the world, and you never know if the demo is going to work. Right before we showed up Tanner and I were talking about smoking cigarettes and when he felt the need to. Upon seeing the crowded parking lot he explained with a blank stare, “This is a time I smoke cigarettes.” I could only agree at first, but the demo actually ended up being really fun and the locals were cool as shit. I won five games of SKATE in a row. This has never happened...and I wasn’t about to go easy on this guy. After I had beat him for the fifth time, I realized he was about five himself. I was so delighted to be winning I didn’t realize I was playing a five year old the entire time. For the product toss, some kid jumped into a dumpster full of garbage and flies for a free was awesome. It turned out to be a great parking lot demo.

After that, we headed back to the Cruz. One morning we went to skate this ditch in Aptos with Robert [AlemaƱ]. It was one of those days where just enough water was coming down, to be deemed unskateable. But Robert was not about to call this session a washout. He comes back with three bags of cat litter to dry things up, or at least redirect the streams. About six hours and a few tall boys later, the sun came out and we were skating. It was worth it, we got a few photos and everyone was skating together for another day.

The last day was Derby-Que. It was insane, such a good turn out. Hot dogs and beer. Skateworks crew was out there. I got to meet the entire P-Stone crew as well. Someone lit a fire at the fly out section and kids were doing tricks over it. The fire dept came and we were out of there, and off to see Nik Freitas’ band play. What a sick way to end the trip...

Thanks to all of the shops that helped us out on our journey around Northern California: The Station, Skateworks, and Santa Barbara Skate Shop....Support Your Local Skateshop!

If you haven't had enough and still want to check out more photos from the tour, you can go to either our myspace or facebook sites


  1. Looking good. Keep up the blog for sure!

  2. i fuckin love it man. sick start for the blog. im a huge fan and supporter of "dont do it" so ill spread the word.