Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Kyle coverage.

The Skateboardmag showin' Kyle some love in issue #62!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Roberto's rampa!

Birdo, here I send you a lot of photos of the construction of the miniramp, so, you can choose whichever you want, they are not in order so, put them in order , its easy,
and in the text, you can put that I always wanted to have a miniramp in my house (parents house) cause they had a werehouse I could use, so I was saving some money and finaly I make it with my friend HONZA, now we skate pretty much everyday and of course during the weekend, the construccion was just one week, and we were done,
call me if you need something else ok
alright man, I think leticia is looking for CENSORED so, i hope to see you soon man, ciaociao

*Roberto wanted me to put these in order, but the blog thing decided to do it look at them again, but this time, starting at the bottom.